Hands on Peripheral IV Insertion Training

Hands on Peripheral IV Insertion Training

Course Description 

The Ability to obtain intravenous access through cannulation of a peripheral vein is an ESSENTIAL skill in emergent situations. 

This course will help you get the IV in on the FIRST attempt every time with minimal discomfort to the patient.

 Qualified health care professionals will have the golden opportunity to review or obtain skills required for safe and effective venipuncture/IV insertion.

 Techniques will be practiced and demonstrated under supervision of certified ,expert and registered professional nurse with more than 15 years experience.

 We are confident that after going through this course a much higher first attempt success rate which decreases time to intervention and completion rate. 

We have also made sure that our IV insertion training courses are designed to meet your needs that no point is left behind.

Course Objectives

•Tips and Tricks for perfection

Step By Step Insertion Technique and Maintenance

Positioning and preparation

All Supplies equipped

•Aseptic Technique

•Needle Safety and Infection Control Technique

•How to selected the ideal vien to cannulate

• Appropriate IV Catheter Selection 

•Choosing The Right Gauges

•Discontinuing an IV Securing Dressing


Certificate of Completion will be awarded at the end of the program, on successful completion of all mandatory requirements

Intended for 

Participants must be licensed in a health profession where venipuncture/IV insertion is part of the approved scope of practice in Ontario. 

Proof of Licensing will be required. 

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